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IVoG; IVZW; AISBL No 635.897.257

CYBERPOL Published the first international CYBERBoK© Cyber Crime Security Essential Body of Knowledge, a Cyber Crime Management program during 2015 the set out a Competency and Functional Framework for Cyber Crime Management Security Workforce Development aligned with ISO 31000* risk management principles and guidelines.


Program Goals and Objectives

  • Improve cyber crime awareness and management education for cyber professionals.
  • Increase efficiency of existing cyber security training programs to comply with ISO 31000.
  • Promote vendor neutral cyber security certifications and compliance standards.

Framework Cyberbok

CYBERPOL published the first international CYBERBoK Definition of the official understanding of Cyber Crime.

CYBERBoK Definition:

Cyber Crime = unlawful act using any active or non active electronic device affecting the objectives of any type of networks or critical infrastructure.

The free copy of CyberBoK can be found here for all consumers, CSO professionals and governments agencies.