This announcement is for those who are interested in volunteering with CYBERPOL.

Recently, CYBERPOL CIB | The International Cyber Policing Organization. – has launched a voluntary program which aims to develop the cyber skills in different parts of the globe, through providing specialized programs for all.

For that CYBERPOL CIB announces the opening in the following fields:

– Graphic design/Web design.

– Mobile application developers.

– Programmers in Python / Pearl / PHP.

– Cyber criminal investigation.

– Penetration Testers “manually without using tools”

– Voice and facial analysis.

– Translating / from Arabic to English and from English to Arabic.

– Social Media Analytics for Cyber Security / OSINT.

The benefits of volunteering:

At the end of the service, the volunteer gets an international service certificate from CYBERPOL CIB, and they get additional incentives which include allowing them to use some of the security systems of CYBERPOL, as well as also get a special invitation to a free pass to the international CYBERPOL Cyber Counter Terrorism Conference 2017, which will be held during 2017. We recommend the CV of the volunteers at the end of the service in order to improve their chances of getting a good vacancy. There is also an opportunity to hire volunteers permanently within the organization in case for for those that have proved their expertise in the laws and the policies of CYBERPOL and also proved their ability to pass the CYBERPOL entry tests.

Learning strategy: We use the 4MAT strategy, where the volunteers must understand how to apply the strategy in their work during the voluntary period.

Admissions procedures:

First: All resumes of the volunteers are reviewed by the CYBERPOL General Secretariat.

Second: In case of acceptance of the resume, a document is signed “NDA-Non-Disclosure Agreement”, in addition to the other documents to ensure the confidentiality of the work between the two parties.

Third: After the acceptance, the volunteer is transmitted to the first “online” interview, then to the second and the last interview which is a test that may last one hour in duration.

Required documents: Verified Photocopy of current passport and / or Verified copy of personal identity – and /or Updated “CV”

Time period: Volunteering period: three months. Work place: Online. Work time: according to the volunteer work dedication time, (a special schedule for every volunteer).

Priority in admissions: The priority is given for workers within government or military sectors.

If interested, please send your CV and the required documents (in English) throw the E-mail mentioned below, and write your voluntary field that you have chosen:

The subject of your E-mail should be: REF/CYBERPOL/FBVOL

The last date of receiving the admissions applications will be on Monday, October 31-2017.

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Fight Cyber Today ! It’s a Glorious Mission that offers much adventure and meaning. Join CYBERPOL by Volunteering in the fight against the growing International Cyber Threats, Cyber Crime and Corruption !