Vision and Mission

Our vision – what CYBERPOL aspires to achieve

“Connecting Cyber Authorities for a safer web”

Our vision is that of a digital cyber world where each and every authority, cyber enforcement and cyber risk management professional will be able, through CYBERPOL, to enhance, develop, integrate securely and share vital cyber risk information whenever and wherever needed, ensuring the safety of our internet use in the cyber world of tomorrow. We constantly educate, inform and promote innovative and “Turn-Key” solutions that enable the cyber authorities and security world in facing the challenges of the cyber world of today.

Our mission – what CYBERPOL does to achieve its vision

“Education and awareness in preventing and fighting International cyber risks through enhanced mutual aid and innovation on cyber authority and mitigation matters”

CYBERPOL’s Mission is to facilitate the widest possible mutual assistance between all cyber authorities to ensure that cyber authorities in enterprises and risk management services can communicate swiftly, accurately and above all educate each other around the globe in the risk management of cyber risks. We facilitate international access to cyber risk data and information allowing cyber resilience a greater perspective of the challenges they face.

Innovative pragmatic solutions is our priority at all times, in the areas of global cyber and mitigation matters in the fight against cyber risks. Our mission is to enable and assist modern cyber awareness and education programs around the world to work together to make “The World Wide Web a Safer Place”

CYBERPOL’s Prime Directives

Promote best practices in the areas of legislation development and implementation. Promote common standards, code of ethics, and good governance within the international cyber resilience and cyber management communities. Proactive in establishing applicable and reliable data sharing systems in formats customized to meet broad international cyber SOC requirements. Establish forums to share knowledge and information globally, in order to support and enhance CYBERPOL members’ abilities to detect, document, and deter identified internet related threats & risks.

CYBERPOL Strategic Framework 2016-2017
Strategic priorities

1. International Alliance

Establish and develop international strategic framework in the cyber authority enforcement network appropriate alignments, educational programs, partnerships for future global integration on cyber risk management in order to share, educate and bring up to date all cyber resilience authorities and professionals around the globe in the matter of cyber security risk management as soon as possible.

2. Membership Support

Gain as many possible memberships from both enforcement authority community in public and private sector capable of enhancing, developing and promoting CYBERPOL mission and vision with expanding its educational program such as the CyberBoK v1 to bring about a universal standardization in methodology related to Cyber Risk Management and Quality Assurance. All memberships are  free pending approval.

3. Innovation, Capacity Building & Research

Develop pragmatic solutions within the shortest time-frame available, safely secure the quarantine of the growing cyber threats around the globe that could lead to day “0” in the very near future.

CYBERPOL is committed to enhancing the cyber tools and digital services provided by us in the arena of cyber risk mitigation by constantly striving to achieve the growth of international standards in cyber-risks and its infrastructures. We remain committed to delivering high-level support and technical assistance, leveraging all cyber risks analysis expertise and resources.

CYBERPOL Enterprise Solutions ranges from pen and vulnerability assessment to security assessments digital forensics and source code analysis for its members. In addition, we will seek to increase partnerships, research and innovation on cyber security and give increased focus to capacity building efforts in post-conflict and/or cyber risk areas.

4. Data development program provides round-the-clock support.

CYBERPOL will provide its first International Cyber Risk management tool via its “CYBERWATCH” international cyber risks database program for international  cyber authorities and corporations. We  promote an effective data sharing platform to effectively combat cyber risks with a Digital intervention within the rule of quality assurance. The Program is in partnership with Ncube Limited.

5. Assisting in the identification of cyber risks and origins.

We are committed to monitor the World Wide Web for tracking of malevolent websites and IP’s containing illegal and harmful content capable of affecting the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of all Internet users. We identify and research International Cyber Risks, cyber-threats and global cyber-crime trends in the contemporary cyber world of today. “CYBER WATCHDOG” will alert, educate and assist global cyber sectors in both the public and corporate domain.

6. Corporate priorities

To ensure organizational health and stability we will foster, strengthen international relations in providing our products and services. The first Turn-Key solution CYBERWATCH by CYBERPOL will be implemented during the year 2016. We are committed to improve our human resources in order to best attract and retain talent while promoting diversity at all times. As part of CYBERPOL’s monetary funding model, we will continue to associate with relevant partners – whether private or public – while ensuring safeguards are in place for the Organization to preserve both its transparency and independence to the community of the public.

7. Consolidate Institutional framework

The importance of efficient governance mechanisms are fully recognized by CYBERPOL in the need to develop geographical outreach programs to find innovative solutions to complement CYBERPOL’s funding. We are committed in raising CYBERPOL’s public profile and awareness and will persist to focus efforts on enhancing the authorized consistency and groundwork for its international activities. The establishing of networks and cooperation with other international organizations is fundamental for CYBERPOL in the International Arena. Connecting and Enhancing Cyber resilience  in efforts to make the Internet a Safer Place.

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