Eastern European Gang Arrested in Hong Kong

According to Hong Kong police of the commercial crime bureau,
Three Bulgarian tourists have been arrested over an ATM scam. An illegal card reader and a pinhole camera were discovered at railway station locations.

The three men were believed to be part of a fraud syndicate that was staying at a local hotel as tourists and were using the devices to record users personal identification numbers and credit card information. The gangs would use the card details to stamp out a fresh card with the stolen details on and could then make purchases or sell cards on the darknet.

The gang was targeting a particular ATM that uses cards with magnetic strips and very little or no CCTV security was shown to be around these 126 ATMs across Hong Kong, so these machines proved an easy target for the gang.

Hong Kong has a low crime rate for this type of theft, A spokesman said this was the first time this had happened in 20 years. All of these machines were suspended and now have upgraded with new security features.

Police raided two hotels and arrested the gang after a ten-day operation. The offense carries a maximum penalty of 14 years in jail in Hong Kong.