BRIDGEHAMPTON, N.Y. – March 14, 2020 – PRLog — Dendrochronology to date musical instruments under fraud investigation by CYBERPOL.

CYBERPOL is currently investigating several cases where Dendrochronology was used to date precious instruments such as Stradivarius violin sold in auction fraud. CYBERPOL warns that this methodology is not precise due to the loopholes in forensics and the methodology used by musical instruments experts. After testing CYBERPOL can confirm there is nothing wrong with the Dendrochronology software sold on the markets and it is perfectly accurate, says forensic experts of CYBERPOL Forensic Auditing Team. Its fraud lays in the results produced by using “contaminated specimens”.

According to ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory forensic testing standards which allows for a maximum of 4% deviation in tested results to qualify as an authentic organic specimens, the T = values can only be dated against using a “uncontaminated samples” specimens. In short, what does this mean? A sample had to be under quarantine and to qualify as a sample specimen(s), the specimen(s) had to be locked and sealed since day of production. In short, taking a thousand violins with presumptions of authentic dates back to 16th century as a specimen for wood dating cannot be used as it does not meet the standardization set out by ISO/IEC 17025 and is not forensically auditable. If only one specimen is not original, all of the dates can be thrown around during dating old instruments. Creating Dendrochronology certificates not following the ISO forensic auditing standards in Fingerprinting of organic and inorganic materials is considered fraud by ISO standardization. CYBERPOL received many such cases in past where priceless instruments certified as not authentic even though historical reference traces and certifications issued by Hills & Sons over a hundred years ago. Public is warned about fraudulent instruments bearing authentic labels produced in Romania and Slovakia sold on eBAY and other sites. CYBERPOL is currently investigating over 5000 reported cases.




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