CYBERPOL finds “Declassified” UFO Videos by Trump to be fraudulent and fake !

Press Release. 616/IS/100/20_UFO

The three declassified UFO videos released by the Department of Defense at the Pentagon on the April 27th 2020 raised alarm with CYBERPOL The International Cyber Policing Organization after complaints were lodged to CYBERPOL Organization by anonymous members of the public.

CYBERPOL Digital forensic investigating Team, who examined the videos and came to the unequivocal conclusion that they were fake.

All three videos have been edited !

For editing the videos, they used the following tools :

   1)   GIF Animation-   Use animation tools to create an original movie effect.

   2)   LAYERS –   Add additional layers to the original video.

   3)   AFTER EFFECTS –    Add binocular effect.

  All tools are from the ADOBE software group.

The published unequivocal forensic findings can be downloaded by media and Press on the following link.דו”ח%20UFO%20Cyberpol%20616IS10020_ufo.pdf

CYBERPOL President Ricardo Baretzky said: ” The publishing of falsified videos in media of such nature during covid-19 is unwarranted  and can be considered harmful content capable of affecting the

physical, emotional and psychological well-being of all Internet users during these stressful times that exceeds post World War II stress factors imposed on the global communities. Governments should focus

on the real issue of Cyber Crimes and Coronavirus, not Falsifying UFO videos that can lead to mass panic, This is an evil thing to do and Evil must be rooted out !”

Article 2(bis) §1 to §15 of the CYBERPOL Decree Title of the Code Approved by Royal Decree no WL 22/16.595 constitutes the activities of the organization by Federal Approval dated 2 July 2015.

Art. 2  §3 It identifies and Investigates International Cyber Crimes (ICC), cyber-threats and global cyber-crime trends in the contemporary cyber world of today.

Art. 2 §6 The International monitoring and tracking of malevolent websites and IP’s containing illegal and harmful content capable of affecting the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of all Internet users.

Ref#  616/IS/100/20_UFO

For the CYBERPOL Organization

General Secretariat

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Download Forensic Report Hereדו”ח%20UFO%20Cyberpol%20616IS10020_ufo.pdf