The CYBERPOL Virtual Cyber Security Summit 2020 by ECIPS will trigger a High Level Debate on Security Policy, Information and Technology for the following partners:

Government Agencies, Ministries and Departments responsible for national cyber security and emergency/contingency planning, in the areas of Rule of Law and Order:

• Justice
• Police and Security Agencies
• Organized Crime
• Intelligence
• Counter-Terrorism
• Information Technology (digital Forensics, etc.)



CYBERPOL finds “Declassified” UFO Videos by Trump to be fraudulent and fake !

Press Release. 616/IS/100/20_UFO

The three declassified UFO videos released by the Department of Defense at the Pentagon on the April 27th 2020 raised alarm with CYBERPOL The International Cyber Policing Organization after complaints were lodged to CYBERPOL Organization by anonymous members of the public.

CYBERPOL Digital forensic investigating Team, who examined the videos and came to the unequivocal conclusion that they were fake.

All three videos have been edited !

For editing the videos, they used the following tools :

   1)   GIF Animation-   Use animation tools to create an original movie effect.

   2)   LAYERS –   Add additional layers to the original video.

   3)   AFTER EFFECTS –    Add binocular effect.

  All tools are from the ADOBE software group.

The published unequivocal forensic findings can be downloaded by media and Press on the following link.דו”ח%20UFO%20Cyberpol%20616IS10020_ufo.pdf

CYBERPOL President Ricardo Baretzky said: ” The publishing of falsified videos in media of such nature during covid-19 is unwarranted  and can be considered harmful content capable of affecting the

physical, emotional and psychological well-being of all Internet users during these stressful times that exceeds post World War II stress factors imposed on the global communities. Governments should focus

on the real issue of Cyber Crimes and Coronavirus, not Falsifying UFO videos that can lead to mass panic, This is an evil thing to do and Evil must be rooted out !”

Article 2(bis) §1 to §15 of the CYBERPOL Decree Title of the Code Approved by Royal Decree no WL 22/16.595 constitutes the activities of the organization by Federal Approval dated 2 July 2015.

Art. 2  §3 It identifies and Investigates International Cyber Crimes (ICC), cyber-threats and global cyber-crime trends in the contemporary cyber world of today.

Art. 2 §6 The International monitoring and tracking of malevolent websites and IP’s containing illegal and harmful content capable of affecting the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of all Internet users.

Ref#  616/IS/100/20_UFO

For the CYBERPOL Organization

General Secretariat

Download Press Release Here

Download Forensic Report Hereדו”ח%20UFO%20Cyberpol%20616IS10020_ufo.pdf

CYBERPOL Welcomes New Members.

Ret. Director of INTERPOL Israel Police Mr. Asher Ben Artzi

CYBERPOL welcomes new members to the CYBERPOL Private Eyes membership program. In recent days former Ret. Directorate of INTERPOL for Israel and Ret. Chief Superintendent Israel Police. Mr Asher Ben Artzi joined the CYBERPOL organization in the fight against online cyber crime. Among those that are new to CYBERPOL Private Eyes Members are Mr. Simon Pace, a former NATO official and Giuseppe Lucci, NATO SIGINT command.

CYBERPOL Private Eyes now extends to Asia with its first members from the private detective community and police force from Hong Kong. It is expected that CYBERPOL Private Eyes will have representatives in at least 130 countries by end of 2020.

President Ricardo Baretzky said: “We welcome all the new members who supports the ongoing efforts of CYBERPOL organization. We are working closely to broaden CYBERPOL public relations with all governments despite these difficult times humanity is face. Cyber crimes have risen by 75% since February 2020 and there is no end in sight. At the same time we send our condolences to all the victims of Coronavirus and their families and urge public to be cautious and become cyber crime resistant during these difficult times “


“We are all collectively the super power of


Dendrochronology to date musical instruments under fraud investigation by CYBERPOL

BRIDGEHAMPTON, N.Y. – March 14, 2020 – PRLog — Dendrochronology to date musical instruments under fraud investigation by CYBERPOL.

CYBERPOL is currently investigating several cases where Dendrochronology was used to date precious instruments such as Stradivarius violin sold in auction fraud. CYBERPOL warns that this methodology is not precise due to the loopholes in forensics and the methodology used by musical instruments experts. After testing CYBERPOL can confirm there is nothing wrong with the Dendrochronology software sold on the markets and it is perfectly accurate, says forensic experts of CYBERPOL Forensic Auditing Team. Its fraud lays in the results produced by using “contaminated specimens”.

According to ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory forensic testing standards which allows for a maximum of 4% deviation in tested results to qualify as an authentic organic specimens, the T = values can only be dated against using a “uncontaminated samples” specimens. In short, what does this mean? A sample had to be under quarantine and to qualify as a sample specimen(s), the specimen(s) had to be locked and sealed since day of production. In short, taking a thousand violins with presumptions of authentic dates back to 16th century as a specimen for wood dating cannot be used as it does not meet the standardization set out by ISO/IEC 17025 and is not forensically auditable. If only one specimen is not original, all of the dates can be thrown around during dating old instruments. Creating Dendrochronology certificates not following the ISO forensic auditing standards in Fingerprinting of organic and inorganic materials is considered fraud by ISO standardization. CYBERPOL received many such cases in past where priceless instruments certified as not authentic even though historical reference traces and certifications issued by Hills & Sons over a hundred years ago. Public is warned about fraudulent instruments bearing authentic labels produced in Romania and Slovakia sold on eBAY and other sites. CYBERPOL is currently investigating over 5000 reported cases.

PUBLIC NOTICE: Bitcoin listed under Transnational Organized Crime Convention of the United Nations by CYBERPOL

By: CYBERPOL The International Cyber Policing Org – Dec. 18, 2019 – PRLog — and all affiliated websites has been listed in the CYBERPOL Cyber Crime Database (CCD) under United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime, adopted by General Assembly resolution 55/25 of 15 November 2000 and the European Treaty Series – No. 185. CONVENTION ON CYBERCRIME. Budapest, 23.XI.2001. Page 2. 2. ETS 185 – Convention on Cybercrime, 23.XI.2001 for aiding in Darkweb sales in the trade of arm under the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) which is an international treaty that regulates the international trade in conventional arms and seeks to prevent and eradicate illicit trade and diversion of conventional arms by establishing international standards governing arms transfers. Further, Bitcoin and its accomplices have further been listed under the United Nations Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances 1988, for aiding the drug(s) trade to the public. The investigation is ongoing and any information with regards to the Dark web activities and use of wallets can be send to

Search CYBERPOL Crime Database

CYBERPOL List two websites and issued Red Wanted Warrant for owner.

CYBERPOL today listed on Criminal Database two websites. The following websites: and was listed as fraudulently impersonating CYBERPOL Cyber Policing Website. An Red Wanted Warrant has been issued for owner.

The entry can be viewed on CYBERPOL official website in the CYBERPOL wanted crime database. The entry was made under Regulation (EC) No 207/2009 of Trademarks and Convention on Cybercrime. Reference, ETS No.185. Opening of the treaty, Budapest, 23/11/2001 – for publicly Impersonating CYBERPOL Cyber Policing Organization by Decree.


BRUSSELS, Belgium – July 12, 2018 – eTradeWire President of CYBERPOL Ricardo BARETZKY today dismissed and withdrew the following eight CYBERPOL officials from the following 7 countries as appointed under Article 18.3 Powers of the President of CYBERPOL. and published in State Gazette ref# 16078856 & Ref# 16060956 2016 (Old DUN org NO 0635.897.257 (…)) Belgium.

The countries official representatives dismissed by the Powers of the President is Belgium, Sweden, United States, United Kingdom, Russian Federation and Italy.

The official officers that were dismissed are as follow:

Jean-Marie Ndizeye Belgium appointment state reference no 16078856
Nigel Gifford United Kingdom appointment state reference no 16078856
Mike Loginov United Kingdom
Antonio Albanese Italy appointment state reference no 16078856
Sizwe Lindelo Snail South Africa appointment state reference no 16078856
Sandra Cassotta Denmark appointment state reference no 16078856
Andrey Chernishov Russian Federation
Jay McGowan United States appointment state reference no 16078856

Past appointment state reference no 16078856

The relative official State Departments will be informed accordingly of their dismissal and coming Multi- Disciplinary hearing inquiry into the corruption-prope initiated by the President of CYBERPOL in accordance with Art. 2 and Art. 18 of the organization powers and mandate approval by Royal Decree within 48 hours.



Public are warned that the following websites are Fake and Fraudulent impersonating CYBERPOL Policing Organization.


Do not give any money to impersonating CYBERPOL websites. If you contain any information on these websites contact us on contact

Thank you,

AVVISO PUBBLICO DI CYBERPOL: Il pubblico è avvisato che i seguenti siti Web sono falsi e fraudolenti che imitano l’organizzazione CYBERPOL.


Non dare soldi per impersonare i siti Web CYBERPOL. Se contiene informazioni su questi siti Web, contattaci su contact @ Grazie per la vostra attenzione. CYPERPOL CIB


КИБЕРПОЛ предупреждается о том, что следующие веб-сайты являются фальшивыми и мошенническими, выдавая себя за полицейскую организацию CYBERPOL.


Не отдавайте денег за выдачу себя за сайты CYBERPOL. Если вы содержите какую-либо информацию на этих сайтах, не стесняйтесь связаться с нами по электронной почте ;contact @

Спасибо за ваше внимание.


Se advierte al público que los siguientes sitios web son falsos y fraudulentos y se hacen pasar por la organización policial CYBERPOL.


No le dé dinero a hacerse pasar por los sitios web de CYBERPOL. Si contiene información sobre estos sitios web, contáctenos en contact @

Gracias por su atencion.

Le public est averti que les sites Web suivants sont des faux et frauduleux imitateurs de l’organisation policière CYBERPOL.


Le public est averti que les sites Web suivants sont des faux et frauduleux imitateurs de l’organisation policière CYBERPOL.


Ne donnez pas d’argent pour vous faire passer pour les sites Web de CYBERPOL. Si vous avez des informations sur ces sites, contactez-nous à contact @

Merci pour votre attention.

The CYBERPOL Trademarks are protected under the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property as both a “Word” and “Figurative” Trademark under Nice Classification 9, 25, 28, 35, 38, 42, 45.

Registration No;

1. CMT 014505473 (WORD MARK) (Ref page

2. CTM 014468789 (FIGURATIVE) (Ref Page


CYBERPOL, created on the 02.07.2015 by Belgium Royal Decree number WL22/16.595

CYBERPOL PRESS RELEASE 5-3-2019 REF 1961600001

CYBERPOL, created on the 02.07.2015 by Belgium Royal Decree number WL22/16.595 is an International Non-Profit Association (NPMIA) compliant with the treaty 124 on international organizations and protected by the Vienna convention ( by the initiative of a group of individuals led by Mr. Baretzky after the first African Counter Terror Summit in London in February 2014 where Mr. Baretzky was the chairman, discussing inter-alia with MoD Belgium, amongst others about the recognition of gray area where cybercrime and technology overlaps with climate of global terrorism. The summit was attended by more than 130 official agencies, including European Commission, Metro Police, MoD and several ministers. The initial group also decided to create ECIPS (European Centre for Information Policy and Security ( to expand the capabilities over the Cyberworld.

Initially based on volunteers actions. The CYBERPOL team led by Shehab Najjar (Red SoC CTU Team Leader) consisting of over 1000 volunteers took down over 4560 ISIS Facebook accounts, 2300 Twitter accounts, disabled 16 Websites and 46 YouTube channels including the national ISIS online radio and TV channels.

CYBERPOL and ECIPS participated also as keynote speaker in:

• Budapest- the 3 and 4th World Borderpol Congress Keynote speaker in opened and closed law-enforcements sessions 2014,15.
• Kiev- Kiev Security Forum Keynotes speaker Invites by BBC 2018 hosted by NATO
• Bruxelles- Belgian Federal Parliament, Co-hosted with APEMA (International Press Association for the Arab World 2017
• Geneva- 27th and 29th General Assembly at United Nations in partnership with ADVT and ECOSOC- Defending Victims of terrorism 2017-2018
• Sofia- International Conference on Cyber Defense, organized by Bulgarian Defense Institute and European Defense Agency 2018
• United States Senate – Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee Western Hemisphere Crime United Sates advised on issues of cybercrime and legislation reform needed to combat Anti-Cyber-Corruption, US Senate 2017.

Official ECIPS and CYBERPOL team is about 100 regular members due to the invitation based only policy, but have more than 2000 followers on Facebook and over 11000 in private Facebook group. ECIPS and CYBERPOL media views such as TV and News covered over 500 Million people in well-known territories such as EUROPE, USA AND RUSSIA with over 464 TV interviews conducted by President Ricardo Baretzky since 2014 on French24 TV, RT. TRT, Indian TV. Press TV,

It is important to highlight that CYBERPOL and ECIPS have been financed solely by the initial group, to avoid any corruption and dependency, and that CYBERPOL is an official entity, based on the treaty 124 of the international organizations and protected by Vienna Convention, and the Association memorandum article validated by the Belgium Royal decree, which means that CYBERPOL is a legal cross border and super power tool entity without any questions.

On the same principle of Interpol which was initially created in Monaco in 1914 by a private detective firm and officially formed and localized in France in 1956 after the 2nd world war, CYBERPOL is now staging to a new critical step of its history, due the high criticism of the international context and the flashing expansion of cyber and criminal threats all around the world.

In the next few months, CYBERPOL will open new registration members, for recognized individuals and legal government organizations which share the same objectives, in a growing complex environment. CYBERPOL has now to structure a new organization, establish strong links and clear actions with legal government entities in Europe and around the world, and move its HQ to Geneva. CYBERPOL also plan to setup a new and official Cyber SOC, in a multi-country cooperation strategy, and certified trust products with the CYBERPOL Trademarked Brand (TM).
Contact US on:

About Ricardo Baretzky , President and co-founder of ECIPS and CYBERPOL.

He has significant experience in conducting insider threat detections and advising clients in international crime and enforcement matters such as armed conflict to anticorruption regulatory affairs. He recently appeared as expert speaker before members of The Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee Western Hemisphere Crime United Sates on issues of cybercrime and legislation reform needed to combat Anti-Cyber-Corruption, AML and cyber-terror threats. Qualified in CYBER networking, Counter Terrorism and Policing he assists clients in developing Cyber Auditing Compliance and risk management programs and routinely conducts risks assessment and due diligence in mitigation of risks for clients. He often speaks on topics of cybercrime and border compliance.

Ref: Baretzky /speaker

Copy for Press and Media :