BRUSSELS, Belgium – July 12, 2018 – eTradeWire President of CYBERPOL Ricardo BARETZKY today dismissed and withdrew the following eight CYBERPOL officials from the following 7 countries as appointed under Article 18.3 Powers of the President of CYBERPOL. and published in State Gazette ref# 16078856 & Ref# 16060956 2016 (Old DUN org NO 0635.897.257 (…)) Belgium.

The countries official representatives dismissed by the Powers of the President is Belgium, Sweden, United States, United Kingdom, Russian Federation and Italy.

The official officers that were dismissed are as follow:

Jean-Marie Ndizeye Belgium appointment state reference no 16078856
Nigel Gifford United Kingdom appointment state reference no 16078856
Mike Loginov United Kingdom
Antonio Albanese Italy appointment state reference no 16078856
Sizwe Lindelo Snail South Africa appointment state reference no 16078856
Sandra Cassotta Denmark appointment state reference no 16078856
Andrey Chernishov Russian Federation
Jay McGowan United States appointment state reference no 16078856

Past appointment state reference no 16078856

The relative official State Departments will be informed accordingly of their dismissal and coming Multi- Disciplinary hearing inquiry into the corruption-prope initiated by the President of CYBERPOL in accordance with Art. 2 and Art. 18 of the organization powers and mandate approval by Royal Decree within 48 hours.



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Le public est averti que les sites Web suivants sont des faux et frauduleux imitateurs de l’organisation policière CYBERPOL.


Le public est averti que les sites Web suivants sont des faux et frauduleux imitateurs de l’organisation policière CYBERPOL.


Ne donnez pas d’argent pour vous faire passer pour les sites Web de CYBERPOL. Si vous avez des informations sur ces sites, contactez-nous à contact @

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The CYBERPOL Trademarks are protected under the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property as both a “Word” and “Figurative” Trademark under Nice Classification 9, 25, 28, 35, 38, 42, 45.

Registration No;

1. CMT 014505473 (WORD MARK) (Ref page

2. CTM 014468789 (FIGURATIVE) (Ref Page


Eastern European Gang Arrested in Hong Kong

According to Hong Kong police of the commercial crime bureau,
Three Bulgarian tourists have been arrested over an ATM scam. An illegal card reader and a pinhole camera were discovered at railway station locations.

The three men were believed to be part of a fraud syndicate that was staying at a local hotel as tourists and were using the devices to record users personal identification numbers and credit card information. The gangs would use the card details to stamp out a fresh card with the stolen details on and could then make purchases or sell cards on the darknet.

The gang was targeting a particular ATM that uses cards with magnetic strips and very little or no CCTV security was shown to be around these 126 ATMs across Hong Kong, so these machines proved an easy target for the gang.

Hong Kong has a low crime rate for this type of theft, A spokesman said this was the first time this had happened in 20 years. All of these machines were suspended and now have upgraded with new security features.

Police raided two hotels and arrested the gang after a ten-day operation. The offense carries a maximum penalty of 14 years in jail in Hong Kong.

Dark Net Drugs Bust by German Police

In Western Germany police have arrested three men selling Colombian cocaine on the worlds second largest darknet marketplace for malicious software, stolen data, and illegal drugs.
Cash and crypto-currencies were also seized

Cash and crypto-currencies were seized in the form of €550,000 (£472,000) in cash, more than €1m in the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Monero, also seized were computers used for the marketplace and some expensive cars.

The site – now taken down – was named “Wall Street Market”.
The arrests were a joint effort between the FBI Dutch and German police

The darknet is an area on the internet beyond the reach of mainstream search engines. The public is advised not to attempt to browse these areas of the internet.

New Waves of Cyber-Crime are Coming

Do you know what your teenager is doing online?

With Brexit looming around the corner there are risks of a ‘New wave’ of cybercrime. Among this wave are gamers, some of them autistic gamers that are being recruited by cyber-criminals, warn UK police.

Cybercrime is racing ahead, and we need to keep up
Scientists are now studying a potential link between autism and cybercrime, which has been noted by police cyber-crime officers.

The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) said that 82 percent of youngsters being recruited by criminals have developed computer skills by playing video games. It was revealed that more than four in five cybercriminals are gamers, with many of the players found to be on the autistic spectrum.

“When you look at the individuals that are involved in cyber crimes, the people we arrest have a high level of cyber skill, we found 82 percent of them are gamers,” A West Midlands police spokesperson said.

Officers also expressed concern that these types of online game activities could often escalate into full-blown hacking and computer fraud offences. West Midlands Police chief superintendent Chris Todd said officers needed to take creative steps to combat this crime and behaviour.

The UK police would like to tell teenagers to “Don’t stop developing your skills, but stop committing a crime” These teenagers are very skilled, very talented individuals that modern society needs in their economy working effectively within legitimate organizations.

President of CYBERPOL to speak at Caribbean American Legislative forum on Capitol Hill

Renowned international cyber expert, President of CYBERPOL and ECIPS, Mr. Ricardo Baretzky, is one of the leading experts to attend and speak at the 19th Annual Caribbean American Legislative Forum, JUNE 21st-22nd in Washington DC.

The two-day forum which will include sessions at the Inter-American Development Bank, the Senate Dirksen Building and the Rayburn House Office Building will address the implementation of the US/Caribbean Strategic Engagement Act (HR 4939), which was signed into law by President Obama in December 2016.

Public Law 114-291 (HR 4939) prioritizes the United States-Caribbean relationship and requires the Secretary of State and the Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to submit to Congress a multiyear strategy which among other things, outline an approach to: 1) broaden engagement with the Caribbean diaspora community in the United States; 2) partner with governments of the Caribbean region to improve citizen security and reduce drug trafficking; 3) to improve diplomatic engagement with governments of the Caribbean region; and 4) assist Caribbean countries in the diversification of their economies.

Other high level speakers slated for the Caribbean American Forum include: Jerry Butler, Executive Director of the Inter-American Development Bank; Francis Forbes, Executive Director, CARICOM Implementation Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACS); Special Agent-in-Charge Dextan Dixon, Representative from Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (DHS/ICE); Alvin Dalmida (Lt. Ret.), US Coast Guard; Senator David Small, Niquan Energy,of Trinidad and Tobago; Hon. Jennifer Carroll, Former Lt. Gov. of Florida; Professor Anthony Harriott, Director, Institute of Criminal Justice and Security, UWI; Dr. Waldaba Stewart, Executive Director of the Caribbean Research Center at Medgar Evers College; and, Sally Yearwood, Executive Director, Caribbean Central American Action.

The Session to be sponsored by the Caribbean Department of the Inter-American Development Bank will focus on issues pertaining to security and development and will feature key findings of the IDB’s landmark study on crime and violence in the Caribbean. ICS will use the opportunity to also present the diaspora white paper on the implementation of Public Law 114-291, which addresses: security and diplomacy; economic development including energy, climate change and the blue economy; and education and health.

To register for the 19th Annual Legislative Forum, taking place on JUNE 21st – 22nd in Washington DC, please visit,’


CYBERPOL (The International Cyber Policing Organization), is a not for profit organization operating internationally in the public interest and helping to protect legitimate users of the internet, under Treaty 124 of the Council of Europe and by Royal Decree in Belgium. CYBERPOL has received much support from law-enforcement agencies active in the international cyber security landscape, who recognize the need for cross border collaboration in the support of the fight against organized cyber-crime and online fraudsters. ECIPS, the European Centre for Information Policy was a co-founding body for the establishment of CYBERPOL.

About Institute of Caribbean Studies

The Institute of Caribbean Studies (ICS), founded in 1993, is the Convener of the 19th Annual Caribbean American Legislative Forum, and Architect and Campaign Chair for Commemoration of June as National Caribbean American Heritage Month, since 1999. ICS is a non-partisan, non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization and the premiere Caribbean American Think/Do Tank. ICS seeks to address development problems facing Caribbean peoples, and to adopt a thorough, systematic and coordinated long-term perspective towards their resolution. For more information on ICS, visit

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