Founding members

Ricardo Baretzky

President CYBERPOL & ECIPS / Founding Member and member of the General Secretariat. ∴

Shin Hae Baroness Baretzky

Founding Member of CYBERPOL and Secretary General CYBERPOL, Secretary General European Centre for Information Policy and Security Agency.

Dott. Luigi Galina

Founding Member CYBERPOL, First Vice President of CYBERPOL, CIS and Intelligence Agency (Ret.) ∴

Raymond Kendall

Founding Member CYBERPOL, QPM British law enforcement officer and 6th INTERPOL Secretary-General (Ret.) ∴

Dr. Francisco Jorge Gonçalves

Founding Member CYBERPOL, Director General Internal Affairs and Legal Advisor Portuguese Ministry of Interior affairs. ∴

Cláudio Lucena

Founding Member of CYBERPOL, Professor of Law, Centro de Ciências Jurídicas/Center for Legal Studies ∴


Founding Member of CYBERPOL, European Centre for Information Policy and Security, "CONCILIUM NOVI MUNDI"

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