General Secretariat Staff

Ricardo Baretzky

President CYBERPOL & ECIPS / Founding Member and member of the General Secretariat.

Dr. Luigi Gallina

Vice President & Founding Member & Executive Committee Member CYBERPOL and ECIPS Organizations CIS Italy

Raymond Kendall

Founding Member CYBERPOL QPM British law enforcement officer and 6th INTERPOL Secretary-General.

Asher Ben Artzi

General Secretariat Official and Special Advisor the President, Chief Superintendent (Ret.) of the Israel National Police, Former Director INTERPOL

Stelios Platis

Dr. Stelios Platis POC Cyprus & Greece Finance and Macroeconomics from the Faculty of Economics and Politics of the University of Cambridge.

Herbert A. Nelson

Official CYBERPOL POC United States of America (Board Chair, Crime & Security, ICS Washington DC)

Gary Dyer

Chief Investigator Criminal & Corruption Investigations and Forensics Department General Secretariat

Amir David

Senior Executive Assistant to the President (Heading Scientific Council AI & Cyber-security in International Academy of Technological Sciences of Russia)

Dr. Francisco Jorge Gonçalves

Founding Member CYBERPOL & General Secretariat Legal Team CYBERPOL & ECIPS

Alex Ranev

Section Head Digital Forensics CYBERPOL (Head of Digital Investigations Section in the Israel Forensic Science Institute.)