Finishing your cyber or university studies and want some international experience?

CYBERPOL offers a range of internships across both cyber policing and support services. This is a great opportunity for interns to get work experience in an international organization and understand how international cyber police cooperation works and other activities works.

Internships can be in our cyber criminal investigating policing services for those of you who are interested in security and cyber crime matters. We also offer internships across board from our from communications and strategic planning, support services and to human resources.

How do I apply?

Please note that only applications submitted in response to specific internship vacancies will be considered. Candidates should apply through the online link below platform accessed from each vacancy announcement. Candidates are asked to please include a cover letter including:

  • The motivation to join the CYBERPOL internship programme;
  • Your interest in and your assets for the specific internship you are applying for;
  • Your expectations you want to gain for this internship.

Who can be an intern at CYBERPOL?

To do an Internship at CYBERPOL, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Currently be enrolled in, or have graduated from a verifiable university or institution and/or have graduated from a post-secondary accredited academic institution within the past one year on the date of submission of their application;
  • Be a national of one of CYBERPOL’s member countries as per appendix 1 of CYBERPOL Statutes;
  • Have attained the legal age as per statuary law in their country of nationality;
  • Be fluent in speech and writing in English.
  • Meet the requirements set forth for each specific listed internship opening for which they wish to apply.

To see the list of INTERNSHIPS offered PRESS HERE

Apply for Internship to CYBERPOL

Documents needed:

  • Valid ID or Passport. NOTE: Any photo not according to specifications as per annex1 below will be disqualified immediately.
  • Valid Utility Bill copy that matches your ID address. NOTE: Any fake information provided is a felony and will not be considered.
  • Updated CV in European Format only will be accepted (PDF format only)
  • Proof of Education in Process of Completed (PDF format Only)
  • A National Police Criminal Background Check Clearance not older than three months must be attached to join the CYEBRPOL Volunteering program with no exemptions.

NOTICE: A full criminal background check gets performed on all Internship candidates and in some cases we might require you to provide more information to make the application.

Conditions of Internships

Duration of internship

The length of an internship with CYBERPOL depends on the special needs of each vacancy. The term can vary from a minimum of six months or one year.

Remote Duty stations

Interns will be based internationally. Most of our internship opportunities are working remotely from the intern’s country of origin with remote connection to the head office in Nyon Switzerland. Interns may have some opportunities in our other duty stations such as CYBERPOL FUSION CENTRE’s

Remuneration for interns

Please note: Not all Interns receives a remuneration. There are cases where designated Interns receive a monthly allowance of up to 750 euros or the equivalent in local currency for certain contractual work. The allowance is adjusted for each specialist and based on the hours recorded and set into the CYBERPOL internship agreement when applicable.

Costs & Expenses

In event of travels, all costs and expenses are to be agreed with each individual intern, costs related to internet & computer devices, recruitment processes, travel, insurance, accommodation, and living expenses must be borne by each intern.

Security Clearance for interns

CYBERPOL has a highly secure environment. Due diligence will be performed on selected candidates. Successful interns must produce a certificate of non-criminal records from their country of nationality and from any other country where the subject has lived for more than 12 months in the past five years. Interns might be required to obtain a CYBERPOL security clearance as per INFOSEC rules and CYBERPOL art.36 when on sensitive missions.

Confidentiality agreement

All information handled by the intern concerning CYBERPOL matters must be kept confidential and are by default “Secret Classified” under the law. Any and all unpublished information obtained during the course of the internship may not be published or shared. Data protection is handled in a strict manner and subject to strict law enforcement and cyber law criteria.

Medical insurance requirements

Interns are responsible for any medical costs arising from any accidents and/or illnesses incurred during the internship. Interns must provide a medical insurance if requested by CYBERPOL.

Working Visas

Interns requiring travel and relocation are responsible for obtaining and financing any necessary visas. CYBERPOL will assist the intern with the necessary documents if and when required. Please note that: Insurance certificate with sufficient cover for cases of illness or death might be required. Insurance must be valid for the whole duration of the internship prior to starting.

Further information might be required by the CYBERPOL Internship program.

NOTICE: If you have a former criminal conviction don’t apply !

Proceed below with your application if above requirements are met.

Photo for Administration Only JPG Format. Photo size: 313 pixels x 390 pixels Only.
Valid ID or Passport Copy in PDF Format Only!
Copy of Utility Bill in PDF Format to Proof Residence NOT older than three months!
CV / RESUME (PDF format only)
Proof of Education in Process of Completed (PDF format Only)
National Police Criminal Background Clearance (Not older than three months issued by your national police authority in country of residence in Pdf Format Only!)

ANNEX 1: Photo and Document notice:

CYBERPOL Internship Application Photograph Requirements & Specifications you apply to Internship the photos are among the most vital requirements for the completion of your application. Photo Format .JPG Not older than six months. Photo size: 390 Pixels x 313 Pixels. White background only must be used. No patterns allowed. The applicant should be looking straight at the camera. Neutral face expression. No smile and mouth closed Avoid uniforms or colors matching the background. The photo has to comply with all application requirements to identify our volunteers easily. This is for official use only.

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