What We Do

Article 2(bis) §1 to §15 of the CYBERPOL Decree Title of the Code Approved by Royal Decree no WL 22/16.595 constitutes the activities of the agency by Federal Approval dated 2 July 2015.

Art.2 §1 Provide technical support for global Cyber law-enforcement to enhance international cooperation and cyber education, understand trends and implementing of technical tools to fight cyber crime.

Art. 2 §2 The Organization Research / Investigates international cyber risk and monitoring, facilitating international partnering for Cyber Resilience Cooperation and cyber law-enforcement training.

Art. 2 §3 It identifies and Investigates International Cyber Crimes (ICC), cyber-threats and global cyber-crime trends in the contemporary cyber world of today.


Art. 2 §4 To provides certification and targeted training services, and expert analytical support to relevant data and safe communications entities globally.

Art. 2 §5 Enable, assist and promote research and support modern international cyber-law enforcement in co-ordinate cyber risk management programs.

Art. 2 §6 The International monitoring and tracking of malevolent websites and IP’s containing illegal and harmful content capable of affecting the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of all Internet users.

Art. 2 §7 Assist International victims of Cyber Crimes and provide administrative liaison and communications support for law-enforcement agencies in the interest of victims of Cyber Crimes.

Art. 2 §8 Educational research on both national and international level for academia, schools and institutions.

Art. 2 §9 Bring cyber risk awareness programs to public and the private sector.

Art. 2 §10 Investigate and understand the psychological impact of cyber crimes.

Art. 2 §11 To assist those engaged in cyber-policing on the ground to understand cybercrime trends and emerging risks in order to correctly analyze information and conduct timely operations to ensure web safety goals are reached in all risk categories.

Art. 2 §12 Develop, write, investigate and publish academic programs to educate, assist and promote the standards for cyber security and law enforcement across the globe.

Art. 2 §13 Investigate and implement and produce courses for International security and law-enforcement co-operation, assistance and education.

Art. 2 §14 To assist victims of disasters created by cybercrime due to the nature of critical infrastructures that were affected by cyber resilience and crimes.

Art. 2 §15 Educate and promote cyber awareness to all levels of life.

Art. 2 §16 The Organization is authorized to undertake all actions and to enter into all transactions (including real estate transactions) which are directly or indirectly useful or necessary for the promotion and achievement of the above mentioned purpose.

All activities are approved by Royal Decree No WL 22/16.595 and by “Decree of Silence” containing all members in Appendix 1 of the Statutes. Copy of CYBERPOL Statutes and Decree can be found here;


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