Global Message from the President:

By Donald Woodrow ©

” The insider threat is the biggest threat we face today. The risks of being a victim of cybercrime is a certain conviction and cannot be denied it’s rightful risks in our world of cyber today. Critical infrastructures are bound to fail if we do not become cyber threat resilient. More importantly, if we don’t realize the need for international cooperation in this grey zone of cyber-crimes and technology, we will undoubtedly collectively fail “.

Thank You,
Ricardo Baron Baretzky” ( 2015)

The President of CYBERPOL is elected by CYBERPOL General Assembly for a period of five years. ECIPS Constitution requires that the President to:

Ensure that the activities of CYBERPOL is in conformity with the decisions of CYBERPOL Executive Committee; Preside at meetings of CYBERPOL Executive Committee and direct the discussions, and maintain, as far as possible, direct and constant contact with the Secretary General of the Organization. During 2019 ECIPS, the sister organization of CYBERPOL established the ECIPS Secret Service to protect the office of the president from outside threats and security risks.

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