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Who can Join?

CYBERPOL Private Eyes is strictly for PI’s (Private Investigators), Certified Cyber Forensic Investigators and Certified Cyber Experts to assist CYBERPOL in our mission in the disruption of corruption and cybercrimes. Contact us at should you need further assistance. 

Certified Licensed CYBERPOL Private Eyes Members benefit: 

  • Approved members gets an Annual Cyber Investigator License.
  • All Certified Licensed CYBERPOL Private Eyes Members get a Membership ID card and membership Identification package. 
  • Online verification of a Member’s Cyber Investigator License.
  • Access to certified licensed international members network.
  • Secure Communications between members.
  • Access to CYBERPOL Track & Trace™ Services exclusively for our licensed members. (Additional fees might apply)
  • Technical support in cyber investigations. (Additional fees might apply)
  • Access to CYBERPOL Certifications on CYBERPOL eLearning Academy at reduced prices.
  • Private Eyes Licensing fee  €149 per year + Membership ID issued one time cost of €99. (stringent conditions apply) 

If you are not a registered licensed PI’s (Private Investigator) or certified cyber expert in your state or country please contact us to apply.

Email first at to confirm your eligibility for application.

Requirements to Join:

  1. Valid ID or Passport.
  2. Valid Utility Bill copy that matches your ID address.
  3. Valid Education.
  4. Valid PI license or Cyber Education Certification. 
  5. A National Police Background Criminal Check Clearance not older than three months:
    NOTE: CYBERPOL Private Eyes introduce National Police Clearance requirements to join CYBERPOL Private Eyes. This measure was taken to protect CYBERPOL organisation and it’s members. Any member who joins CYBERPOL Private Eyes must provide a national Police Clearance in the State they reside in to undergo a non criminal compliance background process to register as CYBERPOL Private Eyes Licenced Member. In some countries this might be difficult to obtain. Contact us first on

NOTICE: Should you have completed Cyber Essentials level 1 and level 2 certification by the CYBERPOL eAcademy Online you automatically will qualify for this application. Cyber companies with forensics staff that qualify can make an application. Confirm first that conditions are met to apply. 

Notice: Do not Provide false or misleading information during your application. This page is for PI’s  and Cyber Investigators only. Annual Licensing Fees Apply.

The International Cyber Policing Organization CYBERPOL is an NPMIA  Public utility recognized by Decree and in terms of international representation is recognized under Art.2 of the Convention 24 April 1986 European Convention on the Recognition of the Legal Personality of International Organizations (NPMIA) that needs no further state of recognition by members or member states after legal personality was granted on 2nd July 2015 as stipulated by the Convention on the Recognition of the Legal Personality of International Non Governmental Organization (NPMIA) 1986.

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Photo for Administration Only JPG Format. Photo size: 313 pixels x 390 pixels Only.
Valid ID or Passport Copy in PDF Format Only!
PI (Private Investigators) License copy in PDF
Police Clearance Criminal Background Check Required
Certified Cyber / Hacking / Pen Tester Certification copy
Copy of Utility Bill in PDF Format to Proof Residence NOT older than three month!

Photo and Document notice:

CYBERPOL Licensed Membership ID card Photograph Requirements & Specifications When you apply for a CYBERPOL Licensed membership, the photos are among the most vital requirements for the completion of your application. Photo Format .JPG Not older than six months. Photo size: 390 Pixels x 313 Pixels. In color. No black and white Head should take 70-80% of the photo. Brightly colored background. Light grey is suggested. No patterns. The applicant should be looking straight at the camera. Neutral face expression. No smile and mouth closed Avoid uniforms or colors matching the background. The photo has to comply with all states regulations on identification to be issued and CYBERPOL Licensed membership ID Card.

CYBERPOL Trademark numbers

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