Stay Safe / Beware of Scams using CYBERPOL’s name

There are several fake CYBERPOL Scam websites out there. Did you received an email claiming to be from CYBERPOL? Beware! This is always a scam. The only official CYBERPOL website is and for cyber education.

NOTICE: Don’t be tricked – CYBERPOL never contacts any members of the public directly, never demands any money from people and will never ask for your bank details or any money transfer.

CYBERPOL are aware of scams misusing our CYBERPOL name. These are usually intended to convince you to send money to the scammers, who use our name because it sounds serious and legitimate. Don’t be misled by official-looking stamps or names in the letters or emails. This correspondences are fake.
Some examples of tricks used by scammers:

“You are in our CYBERPOL database as having been hacked. Please contact us so we can check if you are a victim of a cyber crime.”

Although this one doesn’t ask straight out for money, but seems to be concerned for your welfare- be careful, it’s a scam. This is just the first step, and once you contact them back, could led to requests for funds or your identity or both.

CYBERPOL does not contact ANY people who are in its CYBER CRIME Databases. Similtationsly CYBERPOL don’t have a database of people who are hacked.

Here are some fake CYBERPOL Website to pay attention to:

www. cyberpol. net FAKE!

www. ibicyberpol. org FAKE!

www. cyberpol. hk FAKE!

www. cyberpol-eurasian. info FAKE!

The following companies are a Fake and non licensed CYBERPOL companies:

CyberPol Asbl mit Sitz in Luxembourg Register number: F 13.145 Registered in Luxembourg

Company number 13351257

ALLERT NOTICE: Please take note that in order to use the “Word” CYBERPOL in any publications a permission must be obtained by CYBERPOL Organization prior to publication as the word is protected under Intellectual publications rights trademark number CMT 014505473 (WORD MARK). Failing to obtain such rights will automatically result in penalties under  EU Trade Mark Regulation (EU) 2015/2424 and Directive to the laws of relating to trade marks (EU)2015/2436 (the Trade Marks Directive) inter-alia , Books XV (Enforcement) and XVII (Special Procedures) of the Commercial Code; the Criminal Code; the EU Customs Regulation (608/2013); and the EU Implementing Regulation (1352/2013), with official reference to Article 11 of the Act on Computer Programs of June 30th 1994 (implementing Article 7(1) of the EU Computer Program Directive)

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