DATE: 29 APRIL 2021

TIME 3 PM (Jerusalem Time)


Register below for Volunteering to CYBERPOL

Who can Join?

CYBERPOL Volunteering is for everyone, from Public members to Private Investigators, Certified Cyber Forensic Investigators and Certified Cyber Experts to assist CYBERPOL in our mission in the disruption of corruption and cybercrimes. There is a place for everyone even if only participating in the administration department. Remember that CYBERPOL Volunteering is a voluntary act without remuneration.

Requirements to Join:

  1. Valid ID or Passport. NOTE: Any photo not according to specifications as per annex1 below will be disqualified immediately.
  2. Valid Utility Bill copy that matches your ID address. NOTE: Any fake information provided is a felony and will not be considered.
  3. Updated CV in European Format only will be accepted in PDF format only.
  4. A National Police Criminal Background Check Clearance not older than three months must be attached to join the CYEBRPOL Volunteering program with no exemptions.

NOTICE: A full criminal background check gets performed on all candidates and in some cases we might require you to provide more information to join.

Further information might be required to join the CYBERPOL Volunteering program. Volunteers receives a verifiable internship volunteering certificate after six month of participation on provision that the required term of not less than 6 hours a week was volunteered during such participation.

NOTICE: If you have a former criminal conviction don’t apply !

Proceed below with your application if above requirements are met.

Photo for Administration Only JPG Format. Photo size: 313 pixels x 390 pixels Only.
Valid ID or Passport Copy in PDF Format Only!
Copy of Utility Bill in PDF Format to Proof Residence NOT older than three months!
CV / RESUME (PDF format only)
National Police Criminal Background Clearance (Not older than three months issued by your national police authority in country of residence in Pdf Format Only!)

ANNEX 1: Photo and Document notice:

CYBERPOL Volunteer Application Photograph Requirements & Specifications you apply to Volunteer the photos are among the most vital requirements for the completion of your application. Photo Format .JPG Not older than six months. Photo size: 390 Pixels x 313 Pixels. White background only must be used. No patterns allowed. The applicant should be looking straight at the camera. Neutral face expression. No smile and mouth closed Avoid uniforms or colors matching the background. The photo has to comply with all application requirements to identify our volunteers easily. This is for official use only.

CYBERPOL Trademark numbers

No: 014468789, No: 014505473, No: UK00003031007 (https://euipo.europa.eu)


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